How to become an Nworld Distributor

How to become an Nworld Distributor

How to become an Nworld Distributor?

How to become an Nworld distributor in the Philippines or anywhere in the world? Want be an Nworld reseller? How to join and earn in Nworld?

Joining Nworld, that is, becoming an Nworld Distributor is easy. No membership or registration fees, no long queues, no complicated procedures.

Just follow some simple steps on how to join Nworld, particularly:

  1. Fill up a Distributor’s Application Form and sent it to us:
  2. Choose a PLATINUM Package
    • Choose your own products worth 16,500 pesos
    • You must have at least 5 products combined
  3. Then pay only 14,900 pesos
    • This is a win-win situation. You pay 14,900 pesos however, you bring home 16,500 worth of products. In essence, you get more for your money!
  4. Shipping fee will be charged for packages to be delivered
    • For local shipping: By LBC or JRS, 100 to 300 pesos depending on weight
    • For international shipping: By DHL, TNT or EMS depending on weight
  5. Payment can be sent personally, bank to bank or by remittance
  6. Package is processed and shipped or delivered the same day


  1. A lifetime discount of 25% on all products
  2. Subsequently for additional packages, you pay only 12,800 pesos and you get your own choice of 16,000 worth of products
  3. Free 1 year Accident Insurance
  4. Plus Free Marketing Tools – brochure, pricelist, Nworld application form
  5. Also, free trainings and mentoring
  6. Nworld ID
  7. Account (called Independent Distributors Tracking Center or IDTC) in our Nworld website to keep track of your earnings, purchases, rebates and team members


  1. Valid ID
  2. ID Picture for your Nworld ID
What if you are ABROAD or there is no Nworld branch near you?

Contact us so we can assist you and you need to provide the following:

  1. Personal information for the application form – complete name, address, birthdate, gender, marital status.  We also need the name, address and contact number of your beneficiary including his/her relationship to you
  2. Scanned 2 Valid IDs showing signature
  3. Also, scanned 3 Samples signatures (identical to that in the IDs)
  4. Finally, a scanned ID picture for your Nworld ID


  1. Retail Sales
    • Sell the items at SRP and you enjoy the profit from the package or product discounts
  2. Package Rebate
    • You get 1,600 pesos as a result of inviting a person who purchases a Platinum package at 14,900 pesos
  3. Team Match Sales Rebate
    • You also get 2,100 pesos for every match of 1050ppv in your left & right teams
    • We can explain this to you in detail, just contact us

Easy right??? If you want to know more about Nworld then please watch this video:

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Contact us for questions, inquiries and most especially for a FREE PRODUCT DEMO

Join us today! Become an Nworld Distributor and reap the overwhelming benefits of our business!