How to become an Nworld Retailer

How to become an Nworld Retailer

how to become an nworld retailer

How to become an Nworld retailer or reseller?  Do you want to have a discount everytime you buy your favorite Nworld product?  Do you want to earn extra income selling Nworld Nlighten and Nhance products?

It’s really easy… All you need is 500 Pesos to start!

In short, to become an Nworld Retailer, you just need to purchase at least 500 pesos worth of products as your Retailer’s Kit!


The benefits of an Nworld Retailer are specifically:

  1. 10% discount on all succeeding purchases
  2. Plus a Free 1 year accident insurance

For bigger discounts and more benefits, you can join as an Nworld Distributor instead.


  1. Valid ID
  2. Sponsor details – contact us so we can give you the sponsor details

If you are Abroad or there is no Nworld branch near you, please contact us so we can assist you. We also need these from you:

  1. Personal information for the application form – complete name, address, birthdate, gender and marital status.  We also need the name, address and contact number of your beneficiary and his/her relationship to you.
  2. Plus Scanned 2 Valid IDs showing signature
  3. Finally, Scanned 3 Samples signatures (identical to that in the IDs)

Contact us

Contact us for questions, inquiries and most especially for a FREE PRODUCT DEMO and business presentation

Become an Nworld retailer and start your own business today.