NCHANT LIP CREAM for Pinkish, Kissable Lips

NCHANT LIP CREAM for Luscious, Kissable Lips

NCHANT LIP CREAM helps repair and recover darkened lips while preventing it from further darkening. It is enriched with all natural ingredients that help fight roughness and dryness. It is infused with anti-oxidant properties and powerful moisturizers that help nourish and soothe the lips.

No more dryness, flaking and chapping! This lip cream ensures softer, hyrdrated and younger looking lips. Healthier lips start today!

Nchant Lip Cream

• Price: PHP 850

Beauty Benefits

The beauty benefits of NChant Lip Cream  are:

  • It helps repair darkened lips therefore resulting in lighter, pinkish lips
  • Helps prevent further darkening of the lips
  • Nourishes and soothes dry, chapped lips for smoother, younger looking lips
  • It also protects the lips from UV exposure and the elements

How to Use Nchant Lip Cream

  • Apply evenly on the lips.  This luscious lip cream starts out white when applied but changes color to a light tint.


Nchant Lip Cream Ingredients

NChant Lip Cream is made from natural ingredients particularly:

  • Dexpanthenol
    • promotes healing of darkened, dry, chapped lips
    • repairs darkened lips and prevents further darkening
  • Omega Complex
    • penetrates and nourishes the skin thus moisturizing and promoting skin elasticity
  • Shea Butter
    • contains vitamins A and E, both of which soothe and moisturize dry, chapped lips
    • it also helps protect your lips from the elements
  • Argan Oil
    • it heals any cracked lips and likewise keeps your lips soft, smooth and conditioned
  • Jojoba Oil
    • The waxy oil can form a barrier that effectively locks the moisture in thus keeping the lips soft and supple

Customer Testimonials

Nchant Lip Cream Testimonials

Not just for ladies, this is a great product for men too!

Nchant Lip Cream Testimonials

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Product Details

  • Net Wt. 8 ml
  • FDA Registration No. NN-1000001688624
  • Part of the Nworld product lines particularly under NChant Skin Care Line which also includes Nchant Gold Mask
  • Nchant Products from Korea are made by our manufacturing partner that has been certified by Korea’s Ministry of Food & Drugs safety with Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).  Moreover, it has fulfilled the requirements according to ISO 9001:2008 in Research, Development, Production and Servicing of Cosmetics and ISO 22716 on cosmetics – Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Get rid of dark, rough, dry lips. Healthier lips starts with NChant Lip Cream! Try it today!