Nlighten Kojic Papaya Gluta Soap Ingredients

Nlighten Kojic Papaya Gluta Soap Ingredients

Nlighten Kojic Papaya Gluta soap ingredients include all natural botancicals that will safely make your complexion lighter and your skin flawless and beautiful!

Many skin lightening soaps contain chemicals or ingredients that may do more harm to your skin than good. Wouldn’t you want to use a soap made from natural ingredients so you know it is safe?

Nlighten Kojic Papaya Gluta Soap Ingredients

The ingredients of Nlighten Kojic Papaya Gluta Soap and benefits are:

  • Kojic Acid

    • Skin Lightening – Kojic acid reduces the production of melanin thus giving the skin an overall lighter appearance
    • Anti-Oxidant / Anti-Ageing – has the ability to counteract the effects of free radicals thus preventing the formation of signs of aging
  • Carica Papaya (Papaya) Extract

    • Exfoliant – contains the enzymes papain and chymonpapain that remove dead and damaged skin improving its tone and texture
    • Skin conditioner – it increases blood circulation thus promoting a healthy, vibrant complexion
    • Skin Lightening – Rejuvinates skin while helping lighten acne spots, scars, and sun damage
  • Glutathione

    • Anti-Oxidant – helps protect the body of free radicals and toxins thus preventing problems like hyperpigmentation, melasma, and sun spots
    • Skin Lightening – has skin-whitening effect through its tyrosinase inhibitory activity
  • Cocus Nucifera (Coconut)

    • Anti-Acne – has strong anti-bacterial activity that prevents acne
    • Skin Conditioning – reduces inflammation particularly blemishes and pimples
    • Moisturizer – helps in retaining moisture subsequently resulting in more supple skin
  • Saxifraga Sarmentosa (Creeping Saxifrage) Extract

    • Skin Lightening – contains arbutin which inhibit the production of melanin
    • Anti-Oxidant – contains tannin which inhibit oxidation and capture free radicals
    • Astringent – also helps in tightening of pores
  • Paeonia Suffruticosa (Chinese Tree Peony) Root Extract

    • Skin Lightening – contains flavanoids that inhibit the production of melanin
    • Anti-Ageing – contains a chemical called paeoniflorin which subsequently helps reduce wrinkles
    • Skin Conditioning – contains paeonol which is an effective skin anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory
  • Scutellaria Baicalensis (Baikal Skullcap) Root Extract

    • Anti-Oxidant – providess significant protection from sun damage
    • Skin Lightening – a very potent tyrosinase inhibitor with great potential to limit melanin production
    • Skin Conditioning – also contains baicalein, a flavonoid favored for its anti-skin cancer benefits
  • Arbutin

    • Skin Lightening – Arbutin is a hydroquinone derivative isolated from the leaves of the bearberry shrub which subsequently inhibits the production of melanin making your skin lighter

Its time you try our all natural Nlighten Kojic Papaya Gluta Soap with its triple skin lightening ingredients.