Nlighten Must Haves for Every Girl

Nlighten Must Haves for Every Girl

Every girl owns kikay kit containing those everyday essentials for keeping yourself pretty. It can be as simple as a comb for fixing hair with loose powder for quick touch ups to a whole galore of makeup – lip balm, mascara, concealer, brow pencils, eyelash curler. Even girls that wear less makeup have their favorite grooming products to stay pretty. Here we give your our Nlighten must haves for every girl.

That said, makeup shopping can be so addicting.  Trying everything new in the market is every girl’s dream.  Our Nlighten collection is no exception. Owing to the numerous testimonials and before and after pictures posted on the web, Nlighten products are now the most sought after beauty essentials. Their instant beautifying effects are so popular – imagine getting instantaneous results upon application. How amazing is that?

Nlighten beauty products goes beyond cosmetics that focus on hiding those imperfections and into skin care – where natural botanicals help attain a more beautiful and healthy skin.

Now,  if you had to choose only three products to keep from our Nlighten Collection to add to your kikay kit, then we recommend these Must-Haves for every girl:

Nlighten Must-Haves for Every Girl
  1. Nlighten Cloud Cream

    Nlighten Cloud Cream is a facial moisturizer that gives an amazing instant brightening effect. It keeps your skin nourished and hydrated the whole day. It is also great for capturing that natural, glowing look by providing a subtle luminous sheen.  The cream has anti-oxidative properties that protect your skin from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.  Long term use gives you lighter, healthier, younger looking skin.

    • Price: PHP 1,450

  2. Nlighten CC Cushion

    Nlighten CC Cushion is your concealer, base makeup, cc cream/powder and sunscreen all rolled into one.  It helps hide those skin imperfections while providing a full finish.  There is also that instant brightening effect that blends well with any skin color after being absorbed by the skin. When going out, this is the perfect product with its SPF50++ and PA +++ that gives you total protection from the sun.

    • Price: PHP 1,640

  3. Nlighten Body Cream

    Nlighten Body Cream is far better than ordinary lotion, leaving your skin lighter and softer within seconds while protecting it from the harmful UV rays of the sun.  Enriched with essential nutrients, it goes beyond hydrating the skin to helping lighten dark skin, scars, skin discoloration as well as stretch marks.

    • Price: PHP 1,350

These three Nlighten products keep your skin smooth, healthy and eventually lighter in color.  Cloud Cream and CC Cushion helps lighten freckles, melasma and pimple marks.  Body Cream also helps brighten sensitive areas and even stretch marks.

Here are some Nlighten product customer testimonials:

nlighten body cream testimonials nlighten cc cushion tesimonials nlighten cloud cream testimonials